If I had to pick the top reason people are not being active or eating healthy, it would be their perception of a lack of time. That’s right, not an actual lack of time, but their mind has come to believe it to be true. Why would people add more work to a plate they think is already full? No way Jose, they are too tired in the morning and too exhausted at night to cook food, work out, and log training. I easily help them find ways to free up time and maximize their days. Here are my top 5 recommendations:

1: Turn off the TV

You waste plenty of time bingeing on Netflix, time that could be spent prepping meals. Chances are you scroll through your Facebook feed anyway and only partially pay attention, so why not cook instead of Facebook? Let your show drone on in the background while you grill some chicken breast, nothing wrong with multi-tasking.

2: Stop wasting time buying your own groceries

Walmart has a free service available in most locations near me, and chances are if it isn’t near you it is coming soon. I find an entire hour twice a week is freed up by selecting the groceries I want and having them deliver out to my Jeep (Wrangler Unlimited of course). Those two hours are precious to a work from home dad who has an 8 month old to take care of while mom is working in luxury dining during the evenings.


Getting 8 hours of sleep at night will energize you and make you more efficient through the day. You will save more time on tasks being fully rested than the cost of the time it takes to sleep.

4: Meal Prep

If you don’t cook 4 days of food minimum at a time, you are literally wasting time. Cooking twice a week is far superior to cooking every single meal fresh. It saves time because of economies of scale; you are already prepped to grill chicken, so grill 8x as much as don’t do that same prep and recovery 8x. Time saved.

5: Get a coach to program your training

Stop going into the gym blind. Going in with a game plan will maximize your efforts, and prevent you from wandering aimlessly through the rows of equipment. I often program times rest for clients in a hurry. With a 10 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down, my clients can easily hit 20+ sets of various movements in the remaining 30 minutes. 45 minutes a day is 4% of your day, so you are left with 96% to do whatever you deem necessary.

Bonus: Prioritize your next day’s tasks before you go to bed. Training should be at the top. Lifting first thing will help you feel accomplished and more productive as you head into work or a day of parenting!