I have multiple clients who travel for work, or have a 9-5 in the office with regular lunch outings. Here are 5 ways to incorporate health into your lifestyle!!!


1: Avoid the office snacks. Those little donuts and pieces of candy add up. Instead of assuming you will stop at one, just don’t eat it. I’ve yet to have a client succeed in incorporating office snacks into their diet without over consuming. Usually it is easier to say no completely than to say yes to only some. If this is a major weakness of yours, steel your mind that it isn’t in your lunch and is verboten.

2: Bring a lunch to work. You can easily track lunch foods, and for many options if you attend a last minute lunch meeting you can save the lunch for tomorrow. Meal prep saves a lot of time as well. If traveling you can still hit macros by purchasing something like arugula, precooked chicken in a bag, and honey mustard. That is the world’s simplest salad with good volume and plenty of protein!



3: The 500 calorie menu is your friend. If you eat out many places have a symbol for sub 500 calorie meals. Stick to that and diet soda, black coffee, water, etc. It used to be that the low calorie menus tastes horrible, but as the demand increased so did the quality of response from the service industry. I’ve consumed chicken and rice with fried veggies that tasted almost as good as home cooked, and with a different seasoning assortment that was a refreshing change up.

4: If traveling, use the hotel gym. You will be sitting plenty in meetings and conferences, so getting active first thing is a great way to start your day. If you give me the excuse that you “don’t have time”, I’m going to remind you of the fact that a workout is LITERALLY 4% of your day. Turn off the TV in your room and go train. Training aids with hitting quality sleep and deeper/more frequent REM cycles, making you look like a focused rock star when everyone else is struggling to remain copacetic on caffeine overload.

5: Get on the go foods at gas stations if in a hurry. Beef jerky is always a great option, as well as protein shakes. You don’t have to eat junk to eat quick. Protein shakes taste delicious nowadays versus when I started training years ago. No longer do you have to plug your nose and chug, you can enjoy a variety of options. Certain protein bars are amazing meal replacements as well, just be sure to read the nutrition label as some are over the top on fats and carbs.

Now let’s go get it!!! If you need more coaching options like this, contact me to get you started on Team Brewery where I provide working professionals with unlimited contact during your travels!!!