So many people are beyond busy in life. Between work, kids, and extra-curricular activities for said kids, life can be too much to handle. Fitness may seem like some far off place you will never reach. This is why coaches exist! Here I list several benefits as to why hiring a personal trainer, in home or in gym, will help you integrate more fitness into your lifestyle.

First, you don’t have to program for your self. Your coach arrives, has the workout planned out in advance, and you maximize your time in the gym. I strive to have everything done within 45 minutes with my clients, giving us 15 extra minutes to warm up and cool down. The client doesn’t have to worry about what will be done at the gym, and this avoids the random gym session where they just do whatever strikes their fancy.

This brings us to number two. Having a personal trainer makes each session intentional, and effective. No more wandering around the gym or your weights at home doing random movements that strike your fancy. With a good personal trainer, each movement has a purpose. Random workouts are better than no workouts, but purposeful and planned workouts are better than random training sessions.

Thirdly, good personal trainers make progress track-able. A trainer helps you identify your goals, and will most likely have a quantifiable way of seeing how much closer you are to said goal. Want to lift more? Max effort days should be programmed and tracked regularly. Want to run faster? Distance runs can be timed. Want to become more lean and toned? Progress pictures show real life changes. A personal trainer who does his or her job right will keep a running tally of all your goals and your quantifiable progress to said goals. This takes the stress off you, allowing you to just put in the work.

Fourth, having a personal trainer makes you commit. My in home clients that I train in the greater Pittsburgh area have mentioned so many times that the only reason they were committing that day was the fact I was there. Having a coaching session booked and paid for pretty much locks you in to training, even if you don’t feel like it that day.

Lastly, a good personal trainer knows when to push harder, or go easier. Someone who has studied energy systems will be able to help track your sleep, stress, training, and nutritional intake to determine how hard to go that day. It can be difficult to tell when to back off or go harder, and an experienced coach will clear that decision up with you. Listening to the body is good, but knowing what it is saying is needed.

So if you haven’t hired a personal trainer, these are a few good reasons why you should consider the option. If you are REALLY pressed for time, a select few trainers such as myself travel to your house to save time in your busy day. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on in home personal training or online coaching!


Jay Brewer,

The Aspie Coach