People seem to think one of two things about Autism: either it is a free pass to get away with anything, or it is caused by vaccines. I never hear anything else about it. My story is quite different… All I know is what I know, meaning I have no clue what “normal” (aka neurotypical) people think, feel, or live. I only know Asperger’s, now known as Level 1, High Functioning Autism. I grew up in a home that didn’t have a flying clue what the tell tale signs of Autism were. I was disciplined like every other kid, and no excuses existed for behaving wrong. Guess what? I turned out okay.

Put whatever label you want on me, I am a human too. In fact, chances are I will, sooner or later, do 2 things in a conversation: help you open up about things you never talk to anyone about, and or think of a subject in a way you never have even heard of before. My autism is my gift. I don’t let it define me, I define my autism. I make it work for me, because there is no other way to thrive.

You see, people all too often look for the way out, and will go to extraordinary lengths to not work (go read my article on excuses). Most times this leads to heartache, financial issues, relationship problems, health risks, and more. Why? I don’t know. All I know is work. Everything to me is work, and I either love it or hate it, no middle ground exists.

My marriage is work. Talking to people every day is work. Analyzing facial expressions and body movements to match it to photos in my memory so I can logically deduce what someone is trying to TRULY say, is exhausting work. The gym and diet are no different. It is work. I am beyond sick and tired of people not wanting to work for health, much less a better marriage, or community life. Why dodge work? Get over your discomfort, become used to the uncomfortable, improve, and put in the effort it takes to become better at whatever it is you do in life.

Team Brewery members put in HARD WORK in the gym, and work through mindsets on food, lifestyle, and training. Tears happen, sweat happens, hunger happens, but in the end they do the work. I love being there along the way, and give advice and support in any way I can, but ask any team member and they will tell you that at the end of the day I tell them there is simply no other way than sheer hard work.

Are you being lazy, or are you redefining your approach to life, and working harder? You, and the world, deserve the best version of yourself you can give. It takes hard work.

Jay Brewer,

The Aspie Coach